Session 1



Families in the context of COVID-19 Pandemy and telework 1
Does Telework affect Interference between Work and Family? Boundary Dissolution in Perceived High-Demand Work for Parents

Ayhan Adams

Antje Schwarz

Remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic and inequalities between men and women in families with children in longitudinal qualitative research Piotr Binder
Working from Home and Parental Well-Being during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Differences by Gender and Partnership Context

Heiko Rüger

Inga Laß

Working from Home and Work–Family Interface: The Importance of Role Salience

Inga Lass

Deniz Yucel

Session 2

Title Authors
Families in the context of COVID-19 Pandemy and telework 2
The care of children 0 to 6 years during the lockdown: the perspective of Spanish parents

Jesús Rogero-García

Vicente Díaz-Gandasegui

Concepción Castrillo-Bustamante

Families and care strategies among generations in Italy: opportunities and challenges after Covid-19 pandemic

Isabella Crespi

Marta Scocco

Care, teleworking and work-life balance in pandemic times

Begoña Elizalde-San Miguel

Constanza Tobío Soler

Vicente Díaz Gandasegui

Session 3

Title Authors
Families in the context of COVID-19 Pandemy and telework 3
Women’s multitasking. The feminisation of unpaid work in Polish households during the COVID-19 pandemic Katarzyna Suwada
The Dynamics and the Context of Working Parents’ Emotional Experiences during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Poland – Toward the Concept of Emotional Boundary Labor

Monika Frąckowiak-Sochańska

Dorota Mroczkowska

Italian families and the post-pandemic challenge: towards new balances between life and work?

Luca Pesenti

Sara Mazzucchelli

Balancing Work and Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Insights from an Austrian Qualitative Longitudinal Study

Vera Dafert

Ulrike Zartler

Session 4

Title Authors
Divorce, post-divorce and widowhood dynamics
Maternal gatekeeping in post-separated families: a dynamic perspective Benjamin Moles Kalt
Post-divorce with minor children: work, family and personal reconciliation strategies

Diego Becerril

Jose Jiménez Cabello

Jesús Jurado Serrano

Displaying absence: an analysis of objects through widows' narratives Ana Rita Oliveira Brás

Session 5

Title Authors
Family policies 1
The intimate and relational realm of parents’ divisions of parental leave and domestic labour Katherine Twamley
Reluctant fathers? Not taking paternity leave despite supportive policy and cultural context Alix Sponton
Shaping gender through policy: Shifting gender paradigms in Spanish parental leave policy Gerard de Castro Coll
Provider of care and assistance for people in low-income families exposed to non-take-up situation Vida Česnuitytė

Session 6

Title Authors
Family policies 2
Caring for caregivers: the contribution of companies and service providers

Sara Mazzucchelli

Elena Baldassari

Exploring British fathers’ own wellbeing through their parental leave journeys Jessica Hobbs
Precariat, gender regimes and use of childcare services across Europe

Irina Fernández Lozano

Cristina Castellanos Serrano

Session 7

Title Authors
Ideologies and values in Families 1
The intergenerational transmission of gender ideology: Paternal influences on children's gender attitudes

Tomás Cano

Heather Hofmeister

Sources of legitimation for gendered attachment parenting in Spain and Turkey

Dafne Muntanyola-Saura

Aylin Ece Atasoy

Women's subjectivity and identity as potential working-mothers: a case study of young feminists in Barcelona

Carme Vivancos Sánchez

Elisabet Almeda Samaranch

Clara Camps Calvet

Session 8

Title Authors
Ideologies and values in Families 2
DAdolescents’ experiences matters. Narrations on family practices within blended constellations Matteo Zani
Four decades of trends change in European family values: towards a postmodern family? Mercedes Camarero
What can we learn from large surveys about people with queer identities? A first exploratory investigation of people who report to be “non-binary” or who report to have a different sex as they should have according to population registers or previous panel waves

Detlev Lück

Nadja Milewski

Session 9

Title Authors
Migrant families in the Global Context 1
The Division of Labour among Chinese Lesbian Couples: ‘Doing’ and ‘Undoing’ Gender in contemporary China Xuerui Hu
Children in Lithuanian transnational families: caring discourses and caring practices through the eyes of children

Ginte Martinkene

Irma Budginaite-Mackine

Intergenerational relations in transitional families in times of crisis: A case study of Turkish families in Poland Anzhela Popyk
Exploring the relationship between family structure and educational attainment among native and immigrant students: evidence from Spain

Manuel Mejías Leiva

Almudena Moreno Mínguez

Session 10-11

Title Authors
Migrant families in the Global Context 2
(De)constructing categories: Chinese families, care circulation and non-hegemonic care practices in the transnational social space Laura Lamas Abraira
Early Retirement Under Gender and Ethnic Marginalization: Evidence from Arab-Palestinian Women in Israel

Maha sabbah-Karkabi

Maha Sabbah Karkabi Sabbah sabbah

To Love is to Share? Money Management Practices among Taiwanese Dual-earner Couples Chieh Hsu
What role does emigration play in changing nuptiality patterns? Exploring polygamous marriages among Senegalese migrants to Europe and stayers at origin

Elisabeth Kraus

Nadja Milewski

Session 12

Title Authors
Poverty, social class and families 1
Working poor mothers struggling to fulfil the middle-class ideals of mothering in Finland

Hanna-Mari Ikonen

Jenny Säilävaara

Parents in Need: Potential Support between Willingness, Obligation and Childhood Experiences

Bettina Isengard

Ronny König

Marc Szydlik

Social transfers and child deprivation in single-parent households in Europe

Antonio Luis Pérez

Almudena Moreno Mínguez

Feeling poor: single mothers in Finland

Jenny Säilävaara

Hanna-Mari Ikonen

Single mothers as home care allowance users: Ideals of motherhood and economic realities

Anu Kinnunen

Johanna Lammi-Taskula

Anneli Miettinen

Johanna Närvi

Miia Saarikallio-Torp

Wasted privileges of the middle class. Analysis of the interaction between social class, gender and care in Spain

Marta Seiz

María José González

Session 13

Title Authors
Ideologies and values in Families 3
Regretting motherhood and fatherhood in Spain

Gerardo Meil

Dafne  Muntanyola-Saura

Pedro Romero-Balsas

The present and happy mother: collective legitimization strategies and constructions of social norms

Eva-Maria Schmidt

Fabienne Décieux

Ulrike Zartler

Reinterpretation of Masculinity and Fatherhood among Hungarian Stay-at-home Fathers

Éva Sztáray Kézdy

Drjenovszky, Zsófia

"As a proper mother should do, I am not employed, and take care of my child all day long." Narratives of parental and gendered caring practices in custody proceedings in Austria since the 1960s Marlies Zuccato-Doutlik

Session 14

Title Authors
Life-course and intergenerational and care network studies 1
Family support relationships during the transition to adulthood Guadalupe Quintana
Fountain of Youth? The Role of Personality and Social Networks for the Subjective Experience of Ageing

Ronny König

Bettina Isengard

When care between generations becomes a risk: young caregivers in Italy

Maria Letizia Bosoni

Donatella Bramanti

Gender patterns in housework among the older adult population in Europe

Pau Miret

Mireia Almirall

Joan García-Román

Session 15

Title Authors
Life-course and intergenerational and care network studies 2
Longitudinal analysis of the work and family trajectories of mothers in Spain: different work-life balance strategies according to education and country of birth

Teresa Jurado-Guerrero

Victoria Bogino-Larrambebere

Childcare support networks in Spain: not only relatives Livia García-Faroldi
Who Benefits from the Village? Doubling Up and Parents’ Time Use Ariane Ophir
Caring practices in clergywomen’s families in Hungary

Török Emőke

Biró, Emese

Structural specificities of ART-treated mothers and their children Anna Šťastná